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We know this is the part you usually skip over but this where you actually get the information you’ll want to know. Read all the important facts about our mineral water, cap technology, the doctor behind our healthy drinks and the reasons why you can believe in Stream.

certified natural mineral water

Stream isn’t like many of the other enhanced waters or vitamin drinks. We don’t rely on treated spring water, reverse osmosis water or filtered water. All our drinks use only natural mineral water from a single, certified source. Specifically, we use water that over many months gradually filters through the granite conglomerates of the mountainous Western Cape region, into immaculate aquifers protected from all kinds of pollution.

With a PH range of 6.7 to 7.2 and total dissolved solids of between 150 and 200, this PH neutral water is rich in minerals and remains untreated from extraction to bottling. This means it’s natural, clean and contains a lot of its own essential nutrients. So along with all the added vitamins, you’re also getting more natural goodness.

small tech that makes a big difference

We could bore you with the complicated chemistry, but we’ll keep it simple. Many vitamins, minerals and plant extracts breakdown within days of exposure to sunlight, water or air. So if they’re dissolved like they usually are in health drinks, they often don’t give you the benefit you really want. That’s why we developed a unique cap with an integrated airtight chamber to protect the goodness and make sure that you get what we promise. So, when you’re ready, all you have to do is twist open, twist closed, shake and pull off the cap. Pretty awesome right?

the science behind awesome

All our drinks contain important ingredients that have unique functional benefits. Sometimes we list drinks with similar ingredients but mention different functions for each ingredient. This is because biochemistry is complicated; some ingredients have a wide range of benefits and some act together in different ways – making it possible for Stream to offer different benefits across our flavours to both adults and kids. Whatever your lifestyle or age we’ll help you add more colour to your life.

Meet the doctor

Stream Drinks was conceived when a Medical Doctor and his kid emerged from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, surfboards in hand, and set off looking for something healthy to quench their thirsts and replenish their bodies.

Fortunately for us, our founder found nothing he wanted to drink and nothing he wanted to give his kid. So, drawing on his knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine, the good doctor conceptualised each of our formulations and is the reason we’ve developed our unique cap.

The doc remains involved in various areas of medicine and maintains a keen interest in current medical research and the promotion of complementary medicine.

ask the doctor

Are all non-nutritive sweeteners harmful?

Stream uses sucralose, a sweetener derived from natural sugar but modified with a simple ion to produce a calorie inert, tooth friendly, harmless sweetener 600 times sweeter than sugar. Sucralose stimulates the sweet taste buds on the tip of the tongue, however is not molecularly active within the body, only 1/3rd is metabolized or secreted by the kidneys, the rest is excreted from GIT and is not absorbed. Sucralose has been used since 1991, but is only recently growing in popularity as one of the safest and better tasting calorie free sweeteners on the market today.

Most other artificial or non-nutritive sweeteners have received attention for their potential to cause harm in the long term. This includes carcinogenic (cancer forming) potential in frequent use, along with oxidant activity that may damage cellular receptors. One such example is the paradoxical weight gain from some calorie free artificial sweeteners due to these “toxic” effects mentioned above. Sugar sweeteners on the other hand, such as pure sugar or corn syrup, are all high glycaemic agents that rapidly increase blood sugar levels and stimulate insulin secretion. Growing research indicates that many people are becoming “carbohydrate resistant” and thus very sensitive to the effects of sugar – not only on weight gain, but also mood fluctuations, low energy levels, and appetite cravings. Several experts have suggested that America’s flux of obesity is primarily due to soft drinks sugar content and high carbohydrate meals. High Fructose corn syrup also fuels the onset of Diabetes Mellitus Type II.

Sucralose gives you the well-rounded and full bodied sweetness needed to thoroughly enjoy a Stream drink and its powerful plant extracts and exotic flavours.

How many bottles can I consume within 24 hours?

Stream has been carefully formulated to be a safe and enjoyable functional beverage for all consumers. In terms of the Kids range, kids and adults may consume as many as they like. In terms of the Adults range, you may consume as many ‘Hydrate’, ‘Refresh’ or ‘Revive’ drinks as you like. For the other Adult variants (‘Energize’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Recharge’) no more than 4 to 5 per variant should be drunk per day. (This is similar to other energy drinks and enhanced beverages that should be drunk responsibly and limited to 4 to 5 cans per day maximum).

Is Stream safe for diabetics or people with heart disease?

In General, Stream™ contains no sugar, no fat, and is very low in salt and Kj content. Furthermore, many Stream™ products are high in antioxidants and contain several ingredients that promote cardiovascular health and assist with glucose control. Stream can also be used to assist with healthy weight loss.

Yes, Stream is perfectly safe for diabetics and anyone with heart disease or hypertension. Certain specialized heart medication however, such as Warfarin therapy, may interact with several herbs, or even foods like kale or spinach; and under these circumstances it is recommended that you please consult your practitioner for further advice and approval. (please “Ask the Doc” for further information or specific questions)

To learn more about the functional benefits of each of our formulations please read the descriptions on the product range page of this site or refer to the bottle label.

Is it safe for my kids to drink Stream?

Yes, all drinks in our Stream Kids range are specifically designed for kids 4 years and older and contain no stimulants of any kind.

However, three of our Kids drinks are also available under different names in the Adults range – namely ‘Hydrate’, ‘Refresh’ and ‘Revive’.

‘Energise’, ‘Focus’, and ‘Recharge’ all contain high vitamin doses and certain plants extracts with stimulatory effects and are therefore unique to our Adults range and are not recommended for children under the age of 11 years.

If Stream ‘Hydrate’ doesn’t contain sugar, can it still be used to treat dehydration or gastroenteritis?

Stream ‘Hydrate’ has been designed as the ultimate rehydration formulae and allows for rapid absorption of water from the gut, whilst replacing any lost electrolytes through diarrhoea or excessive sweating. Stream Hydrate also contains zinc, a powerful immune boosting and tissue healing mineral that has been shown to be effective in helping treat diarrhoea. The magnesium and zinc may also help with the recovery from several sports injuries.

It is not necessary to have sugar in a rehydration formula. In fact, it is now preferred to have no high GI molecules within oral rehydration formulae. Stream uses sucralose sweetener, a safe alternative that has no caloric or laxative effect at the dosage prescribed.

So, all in all – You can hydrate freely with Stream Hydrate, knowing that the drink has only goodness – premium spring water & electrolytes with no sugar, no preservatives and very low calories!

Is Stream safe to drink during pregnancy?

Yes, many Stream Drinks are safe in pregnancy in moderate doses, however, we do not recommend Stream ‘Energize’, ‘Focus’ or ‘Recharge’ for pregnant women as in large doses the ginseng content can have a stimulatory effect on the uterus.

Stream ‘Hydrate’, ‘Refresh’ and ‘Revive’ and all Stream Kids are considered a safe and healthy drink during pregnancy and lactation.

For these reasons we have labelled each Stream drink with the caution that pregnant women should consult their medical practitioners before consumption.


International Star Award 2014: Quality to be conferred upon Stream Drinks at the ISAQ Convention:

Stream Drinks has been chosen for innovation and market expansion of a unique interactive cap as well as a new scientifically healthy drink free of additives and sugar.


1st Place at the 2011 Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition, South Africa:

The company was competing against top national brands and emerging brands, with Chele Lite, Bos Ice Tea and Woolworths runners-up in its category.


Six 1st place awards at the “2011 7th Beverage Innovation Functional Drinks Awards”:

Stream was a finalist in the following five categories in Washington: Best natural functional drink, best energy drink, best functional drink brand or business, best natural ingredient for functional drinks and best functional drink label.


Won the ‘Fresh Idea Award’ at London’s International Food Event Trade Expo (IFE):

‘A Showcase Award’ was also presented to the company.


“Featured Product of the Month in 2013” at Cape Quarter SPAR #1 rated location in South Africa.


2014 “# 1 Food Craze in South Africa” by FOOD & HOME ENTERTAINING Magazine.


“Best New Beverage Innovation 2013” Award at the Dubai Drink Technology Expo, UAE.


The Stream Range was “2nd runner up” by the highly coveted Food Review/Symrise New Product Competition in 2013.

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